Do You Wanna Party With A Bat? - 7"

Image of Do You Wanna Party With A Bat? - 7"


PARTY BAT is not human. He is a nocturnal rock n roll animal. When a keg smashes through that police car windshield and a black figure disappears into the was him. When you walk in the door after work and your girlfriend mysteriously has a condom hanging out of her was him. The signal could come up at any time...and for any reason...interrupting the mysterious character peeing on his own shoes behind a dumpster. “Fuck...another party situation" and the bottle drops. In this first installment of party themes, small children can play musical chairs with songs mangled, drunk tunes reminiscent of The Spits, Catatonic Youth, Ramones and Wax Museums, delivered by a masked animal that is simultaneously as cheesy as David Lee Roth and as sexy as David Lee Roth's dick...on weed. Choose your own adventure kids. But homework gets you nowhere. Party Bat is actively searching for the party. If you know where the party is PARTY BAT.

A Side:
Do You Wanna Party With The Bat?

B Side:
All The Kids Are Dead